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Levy for the Summer

Thank you, Sam Zurawel, for putting together this fun and brilliant activity while we wait for the new season to start.

This was a fun exercise - something put together over a few days and a few beers. Ultimately a place to play Daniel Levy for the summer.

The first tab “Current Roster” itemizes current players. Purchase Price was taken from Transferleague.com Estimated Value is of particular focus for players that are sale candidates. Players that have a likelihood of being sold are categorized as either primary or secondary. This tab evaluates our player needs, create a budget, assess the value of players that are deemed surplus to ultimately determine a net spend. A key to this analysis is the possible departure of Son. We have no idea as to the truth but felt the need to model the possibility of his sale.

The second tab “Spurs Hist Transfer Activity”. The data is found at www.transfermarkt.com We analyze transfer history since the 92/93 season.

The 3rd tab “Transfer Since May 2015” lists all non-free player transfer window activity involving either PL teams or PL players. The data set includes the window activity following the Sky/BT TV deal valued at £5.135bln.

The 4th tab “Total Transfer Data” includes all window activity free and non-free since May-2015 involving FA League teams and or players.

Tab 5, “Complete Player List” is a compilation of players suggested by various listeners. Comparative data was sourced from www.Squawka.com

Subsequent tabs break players down by position. Green columns represent players we liked. The average of the estimated values of players selected at each position feeds into the “Current Roster” tab, assisting in the net spend calculation.

Feel free to play around with the model. All I ask is that you share your thoughts for discussion. There’s no perfect way to go about player windows but there’s lots to learn.